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2 John

Book Commentary

The second epistle of John, found in the New Testament of the Bible, is a short and concise letter written by the Apostle John. It is addressed to an unnamed “elect lady and her children,” and it emphasizes the importance of walking in truth and love. The main themes of 2 John include the commandment to love one another, the danger of false teachings, and the importance of abiding by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

In this letter, John urges the recipients to love one another and to walk in obedience to God’s commandments. He warns them about the presence of false teachers who deny the deity of Jesus Christ and urges them to be discerning and not support those who bring false teachings. John also emphasizes the need to abide by the teachings of Christ and the consequences of not doing so.

The letter of 2 John serves as a reminder for Christians to remain steadfast in their faith, to love one another, and to be on guard against false teachings. It encourages believers to stay true to the teachings of Christ and to uphold the truth of the Gospel.